Brewing coffee cold produces a sweeter, less bitter flavour when compared to hot brewing. When hot water is used in the brewing process, acids are released from the oils of the coffee. Cold brewing minimises the acidity levels. Given our stomachs are already acidic, cold brew coffee is a great alternative for anyone who is sensitive to acidic foods. Hot water can also cause coffee to lose/reduce antioxidant content and nutritional value.


Brewing with alkaline water allows a deeper and more complex coffee extraction. The higher pH levels of the water helps to reduce the acidity levels and neutralise the bitterness even further. By softening the bitter notes typical of coffee, a richer, bolder and rounder taste is expressed. Alkaline water can also help boost energy and metabolism. With cold brew coffee you get a slower release of caffeine when compared to hot coffee so you don’t get a caffeine spike and your body can absorb more of the disease-fighting

antioxidants and other nutrients. Because of these health benefits, cold brew coffee makes a great alternative for anyone who has a focus on taking care of their bodies and reducing the acidity in their diets. You won’t get the same benefits from iced coffee because it

starts out with hot water and is then chilled.