Coffee roaster and cafe owner Frank Andrews is the founder of Frankie’s Beans, Darlinghurst.

In an astonishingly short period of time, Frank has inserted himself at the forefront of the specialty coffee scene. He won a Silver Medal at the Australian International Coffee Awards in 2014 and in 2016 Frank was awarded a Silver and two Bronze medals at the same awards. His first cafe, Cafe Without a Name, in Alexandria, has featured in Beanhunter’s Top Sydney Cafes list in 2015 and 2016 finishing 35th and 2nd respectively. It is currently sitting in the number 1 position for 2017.

Frank grew up in Marrickville with his parents who migrated to Australia from Greece however, his early life didn’t originally point towards a calling for the coffee business.

Frank’s burgeoning professional career found success in the banking industry having held executive roles in some of Australia’s largest financial institutions and while his clients and portfolios boasted adrenalin pumping multi-million dollar figures… Frank felt like he needed a hobby.

It was at the end of 2012 Frank found something to scratch his itch and bought his first coffee machine. Buying a 1kg coffee roaster which he set up in his parent’s sunroom, Frank began to experiment. By 2013, he was besotted by this new coffee hobby and the owner of the cafe he visited every day near his work asked to try some and inevitably became Frank’s first customer.

In 2015, Frank took a year off banking to immerse himself in the industry and to set up Cafe Without a Name in Alexandria. This also provided him the opportunity to gain an understanding of the daily challenges café owners face. Café Without A Name quickly become a destination cafe, and in 2017 has achieved a number 1 rating on the popular cafe app, Beanhunter. Naturally, Frank never returned to banking.

In February 2017, Frank opened the doors to his cafe and showroom, Frankie’s Beans, in Darlinghurst. Operating as both a wholesale specialty roaster and cafe owner, today Frankie’s Bean’s Specialty Coffee Roaster supplies several cafes across Australia with a goal to continue building the wholesale business in 2017. With his broad business acumen, Frank strives to not only be a supplier but to also be a business partner applying his executive experience to small business in hospitality.

Frank is a testament to the old adage if you love something you’ll never work another day in your life. He’s now dedicated to not only making the perfect cup, but to continue pushing traditional boundaries while raising the knowledge and expertise around coffee in both mainstream and the industry.